Animal Rights in Guyana


Animal Rights in Guyana

Animals in Guyana have suffered and continue to suffer. For decades, the people of Guyana have cultivated negligence and disregard for animals and their wellbeing. The people of Guyana are desensitised to the idea of animals being capable of feelings and sufferance. It is a continuous cycle passed through generations of people, one which needs to put to an end.

Animals are companions; they are creatures capable of expressing love; they are intelligent and they deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. In 2018, a reform was made to the Animal Welfare Bill in Guyana. It addressed the well being of domestic animals, particularly with regards to their shelter, food supply and humane treatment.

BARS is a foundation that works towards the prevention of cruelty towards animals and helps educate the people of Guyana to be aware of the issue surrounding animal welfare. Make a difference today by donating to the cause.


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