High Number of Strays in Guyana


High Number of Strays in Guyana

There are an extremely high number of stray animals in Guyana. Unfortunately, since the majority of these animals are not spayed or neutered they just keep reproducing, which makes it nearly impossible to save all these animals.

Bedessee Animal Rescue Sanctuary (BARS) works towards rescuing strays to try and manage the overpopulation of these animals and work towards getting them spayed/neutered, as well as getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of rabies and other diseases.  BARS has a goal to be a safe haven for these animals, getting them off the street and into a sanctuary where they can roam freely and have a better life. 

You can help be a part of the solution by making a donation or inquiring about the difference you can make. These animals need to be saved.

Resource: https://familypet.com/guyana-strays/

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